Compensation and Payroll

Payroll Management

A comprehensive payroll/compensation management which is totally integrated with the employee contract management system and with the attendance and leave tracking system. It supports both time sheet- and deliverable-based earnings as well as multiple earnings, benefits, allowances, commissions, bonuses, deductions, and taxes. Supports payroll best practices including Auto Time Sheet generation, default time sheet, multiple trial payroll runs, and final payroll run with comprehensive audit trail. Supports payroll check printing as well as electronic payroll bank deposits, cash cards, and cash payments. Extensive standard payroll reports and multi-currency support.

Payroll Wizard

The Payroll Wizard is a powerful module designed to make running the payroll even easier in Interact HRMS. All key steps in the Payroll process can be included or excluded depending on the specific needs and processes of the organization’s payroll. Once configured, the user will no longer have to remember which steps to follow or which menu to choose and most importantly will not be able to forget a critical step which may impact the outcome of the payroll. Using the Payroll Wizard, Interact HRMS will automatically inform the user which step needs to be conducted next, and will launch the appropriate screens for each step at the click of the “Next” button every time the current step is completed.

Expenses Management

Expense Management enables the Employer to define different Expense Policies and define the types of Expenses which can be claimed by specific Employee Groups or Employees in specific Jobs. Employees can then enter their expenses online through Employee Self-Service and these expenses can be identified as billable/non-billable and can be in multiple currencies. Approved Expenses will automatically be sent to Payroll for reimbursement. Employees can also attach copies of the Expense Receipt as part of their reimbursement request.

Labor Costing and Billing Management

Labor Costing and Billing is an advanced Costing module which allows you to accurately calculate the Direct Labor Cost , Labor Burden Cost and Overheads and define the Yearly Production Hours to be able to calculate an accurate Fully Loaded Cost or Labor Burden Cost per Hour of a specific Employee, thereby enabling the Company to be able to more precisely determine the correct Billing Rate required to make a specific Employee profitable to the Company.

Garnishment Management

Garnishment Management is a powerful solution to assist the user in managing Garnishments. Define any type and class of Garnishment, track Court Orders or Tax Agency Orders in favor of Spouse, Tax Agency or Creditor. Attach scanned documents and track all relevant information regarding a Garnishment Order. Garnishment Management is seamlessly integrated with Payroll management and therefore ensures that the correct amounts are withheld from an Employee’s Wages or Salary up to the legal limit that is applicable by Federal and State Law. Alerts will be sent to the appropriate Employee, Supervisor, or HR/Payroll user when an amount has been withheld or a specific target amount has been reached. Built-in Workflow ensures that correct Approvals are obtained for the Payroll Officer to process the Garnishments. Any number and type of Payees can be created and payments of withheld amounts will be processed automatically by Check or Electronic Payment.

Loan Management

Employee Loan Management enables the Company to manage and track the administration of Loans provided to Employees in case the Employer provides the Loan directly or even if the Loan is provided by a Third Party. The application enables you to define different Loan Types and Loan Agreements, with and without Collateral, with and without Guarantors, at specific interest rates, which can be issued to Employees. Many parameters can be used to define the Loan Amount which an Employee is eligible for based on the Employee’s Salary, Seniority, and/or other factors. Employees can request Loans through Self-Service and can request an adjustment or early Repayment or restructuring of the Loan and can monitor their Loan Balance online. Loan Installments can be automatically deducted through the Payroll.

Commission Management

Commission Management is a sophisticated module which covers extensive capabilities of calculating Sales Commissions of Employees based on Product Categories and complex Calculation methods to calculate a person’s Commission. Commission Management is seamlessly integrated with Compensation and Payroll management and allows the user to import sales or other results based on which the Commission will be calculated or it can connect directly with external ERP systems to obtain information required for Commission calculation. Commission Rate Tables can be maintained and different Commission Percentages can be defined based on Product Categories or Customers. Commission Management can be used to track different types of Sales Transactions and their resulting Commissions even when Third Parties and External Agents are involved in the Sales Process.

Third Party Payables

Description coming soon!