Compliance Management

COBRA Management

Comprehensive module with powerful features to ensure COBRA compliance. Flexible definition of Qualifying Events for Employee, Spouse and Dependents. Automatic notification by email or through Self Service of COBRA Notices to ensure Employee, HR and others are aware of COBRA compliance events. Tightly integrated with Benefits Management with the ability to notify Benefit Providers automatically through carrier connections.

FMLA Management

For FMLA Leave Requests, the Employee will be able to fill in a separate FMLA Leave Request form to request Continuous, Intermittent, or Reduced Work Schedule FMLA Leave. Any relevant documents from a Health Care provider can be attached as part of the Leave Request. Alerts can be setup to ensure compliance with FMLA rules and reporting dates and deadlines are kept. FMLA Management is seamlessly integrated with the core Leave Management module, with Employee Self Service and Benefits Management.

FLSA Management

In order for Employers to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 regarding Minimum Wage, Overtime Pay, Tipping of Employees and Record Keeping, Interact HRMS provides users with many alerts, reports, business intelligence to track and monitor compliance and ensure that Employees are defined correctly as Exempt or Non-Exempt based on the criteria prescribed by law.

The FLSA Exemption Test can be conducted using the standard questions prescribed by law. In addition, the application will provide an FLSA Record including a Time and Earnings Record with all details required which can be viewed by Pay Period or by Year.

Using Interact HRMS FLSA Management you will have more tools at your disposal to ensure all your employees are properly classified as either Exempt or Non-Exempt and records are kept properly according to the law.

ACA Management

Ensure compliance with ACA through powerful reporting, alerts and electronic filing of 1094-B, 1095-B, 1094-C and 1095-C. Determine no. of FTEs for the company to ensure compliance. Track ACA hours by computing automatically or filling them manually. Track medical plan information for all employees.

Track employee work status (full time, part time, seasonal or exempt).

Track Coverage Code and Safe Harbor Code and the Employee’s Share of Minimum Plan Premium. Flag an employee’s “Consent for Electronic ACA”.