Leave, Time and Attendance Management

PTO/Leave Management

Leave Management allows the user to create any number of Leave Policies, link them to Leave Earnings, and associate them with specific Employee Groups. Leave/PTO/Vacation time can then be requested through Employee Self-Service and approved by Supervisors. Leave Accrual rules can be defined as per the Employer’s needs. Employees will be able to see the balance of Leave available to them on their MyPage. Leave policies can be setup with different Approval workflows depending on the type of Leave.

Leave Planner

Using the Leave Planner, Employees can see who else is going on leave in their team or department so that there is no confusion or overlapping vacations during critical times or seasonal periods. The Supervisor can also consult the leave planner and check who else is going on leave during the period when the employee is requesting leave, and thereby avoid approving overlapping leave requests in case this will have a negative impact on the business.

The user can determine which leave policies should be reflected in the leave planner, which code to use for them and which color to use when displaying the approved leaves in the chart.

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Time & Attendance Management

Time Management module which allows for creating of Work Calendars, defining of standard Work Hours and Overtime Rules. Timesheets can be uploaded from XLS or CSV formats, entered manually, imported from Biometric Devices or loaded from Third Party applications. Support for Summary Timesheets, Timesheets with Activities and/or WBS codes and Timesheets with Leave Hours included, Labor Distribution Timesheets, Timesheets with Equipment Usage Time and dozens of other formats. Timesheets can be reviewed, edited and approved by Supervisors before they are posted to the Payroll.

Biometric Clock & Access Control

Advanced Time, Attendance and Access Control management with a powerful bi-directional interface to a range of Biometric Clock Terminals with Card, Fingerprint and Facial Recognition as identification. Clocks are updated automatically with Employee details, Transfers and Work Hours. Timecards are pulled from the Terminals based on a predefined Schedule, with Alerts and Workflows which can be used to handle Timesheet Review, Edit and Approval.

Resources Scheduling

Interact HRMS© Resources Scheduling (iSchedule) is a comprehensive employee and other resources Schedule Management System that is fully integrated with Interact HRMS©’s Time and Leave Management and Compensation and Payroll systems, and with Employee and Organization Self-Service. It uses the same underlying Web technology and Architecture used by all Interact HRMS© applications. iSchedule not only allows the scheduling of employees, but it also supports the scheduling of other resources such as equipment. This allows the user for example to schedule transportation buses, schedule the use of a production machine, schedule the use of a specific facility, etc.

Software Clock Management

Software Based Clock-In Clock-Out module for Employees to use through Employee Self Service to allow them to Clock In and Clock Out and maintain their Timesheets and Attendance Records without having to physically clock in using hardware based time-clocks. Software Clock is integrated directly with Project Management, Client Management, Leave Management and Time Management allowing an Employee to Clock In or Clock Out for a specific Project, Client, Activity or for a specific Break or Emergency Leave type. Once the Clock In has been registered it may be viewed by the Employee as part of Attendance Records and Supervisors or Project Managers will be able to make adjustments/corrections where necessary.