Recruitment Management

Position Budgeting and Control

iPosition is an Interact HRMS application that supports Position Budget and Control (PBC) within an organization. The functionality provided by iPosition will enable those organizations that manage manpower based on a specific Position Budget/Manpower Plan to streamline the position budgeting and reporting process. Under the Position Budgeting Model of an HR operation, a department (organization unit) in an organization cannot hire an employee unless there is an available position in its budget. The position budget is decided/prepared at the beginning of each Fiscal Year by having the Organization Unit Heads fill in Position Worksheets which are then consolidated by the system for Review and Approval by Finance and HR. Once the Position Budget of an Organization Unit is approved, the Position Slots can be created and routed for Approval. Position Slots can be defined with all Compensation elements including Earnings, Allowances, Benefits, Deductions, Bonuses, Commissions and Expenses. Following the creation of Position Slots, the Organization Units can issue Requisitions against their Budget using the specific Position Slots. iPosition consists of two major components (subsystems), the first is pertinent to “Position Budgeting” or “Manpower Planning”, and the second is relevant to “Position Control”.

Recruitment Management

A streamlined requisition based recruitment system that supports both internal and external recruitment, where recruitment contracts as well as invoicing for external recruitment services is all conducted electronically through the internet. Supports requisition against position budget, review and approval of requisitions, applicant/application registration over the net, multiple levels of screening of applicants/applications, user defined screening indicators/questions and scoring, scheduling of applicant interview with no limit on the number of interviews including interviews by committee, automatic notification for interviewers using Email or Text Message (SMS), user defined screening, assessment, and interview parameters, job offer notification, auto-matching applicants to requisitions, and applicant/application search.

Background Screening

Description coming soon!

Onboarding Management

Onboarding Management enables you to have Interact HRMS create Onboarding plans with different Activities for each Onboarding Stage, and issue Onboarding requests automatically upon the hiring of a new Employee. Different Onboarding Stages can be defined as Before First Day, First Day, First Week, First 90 Days, etc., and for each stage a set of Activities will be defined and assigned to Onboarding Officers who can be Process Owners and/or Process Champions. The objective is to facilitate the Onboarding of Employees, to ensure they can be productive more quickly because everything has been arranged in advance and on time for them to be able to start on the job. Onboarding Requests include Security Clearance, Medical Exam, Asset Assignment, Application User ID, Uniform, Business Cards, etc.

Probationary Period Management

Probation Management allows you to create a mechanism to carefully monitor and assess new Employees while they are still in their Probationary Period. A standard Probation Plan can be created for a new Employee and this Plan can include Goals, Training Assignments and Competencies upon which they will be assessed. Progress Evaluations, Mid-Probation Evaluations, End Probation Evaluations etc. can be conducted as required. Reports and Alerts will ensure no Employee’s Probation Period will expire without Supervisors and HR Dept being aware.

Employee Badge Printing

Employee Badge Printing allows the company to print employee badges straight from the system without having to export to any other software. Interact HRMS allows you to design the layout of the employee badge, use the employee photo ID and other details already available in HRMS and directly print the badge as required. The same badge can then be used for Access Control (locking and unlocking secure doors) and Time Attendance devices which are also directly integrated to Interact HRMS.