Self Service

Assignment Management

Assignment management is a Self Service application which is used by supervisors and their direct reports to assign and track specific assignments related to a client, project or another matter. The supervisor will go online and create the new assignment by describing its purpose, completion date, priority level and urgency level. The new assignment will then appear on the employee’s self-service portal or MyPage where the employee can provide feedback on the Assignment and change the status to Completed once done as well as update the Actual Completion Date.

Project Management

Using the Project Management module in Employee Self Service, employees can view the projects which they are assigned to and see all the details, provide feedback on the project, the project plan and the activities which have been assigned to the employee for this project. It is seamlessly integrated with other Project related functionality which falls under the Resources Scheduling module whereby employees can be assigned to a specific shift on a project in a particular location and for a particular client.

Feedback Management

Leveraging the strong self-service capabilities of Interact HRMS, the Feedback Management module allows employees to provide feedback on any assignment, project, client or any general matter. This feedback can be shared with a specific person who will see the feedback appear on their self-service portal also. There will be a detailed trail of all feedback provided so that the record remains and action can be taken as a result of any feedback provided. Once a supervisor or other employees receives feedback which is directed at him/her, he/she can then provide his/her own recommendations in response.

To-Do List Management

By using the To-Do List module through Employee Self Service, employees will be able to create their own list of action items (to-do items), and share them with anyone who needs to know in the company (supervisor or team/project members). An employee can have multiple To Do List each with unlimited number of To-Do Items. The information on it will remain available for reporting purposes and the user can check off each item from the list when it is completed.

Employee Alarm Management

The Employee Alarm Management module is used to manage an Alarm Status displayed as either a green, yellow or red light based on a predefined set of alarms using specific rules. Alarms are of three categories:
1) Alarms due to changes to the foundation of the organization which can affect the behavior of the system
2) Alarms due to changes to the policies that may impact the operation of the organization, and the outcome of the system processes
3) And Alarms which are linked to employee performance, progress report, task assignments, timesheet, leave, incidents, end of probation assessment, etc. Once transaction takes place that triggers an Employee Alarm, the status of the Alarm will be shown, if employee does not have any alarm, the Alarm Status will shown as OK. If an employee has an alarm, then this will be show as an with the name of the status of the alarm and user can click on the status to see the detail of the alarm status. Additionally when an Alarm rises, the system will send an alert email to the supervisor, manager, and/or HR depending on the configuration of the workflow in the general setup. Alarms will be displayed based on their severity level.

Event Management

Event Management is a powerful self-service module which allows Organization Unit users to create events and invite participants from across the company to attend. The application allows the user to invite and indicate the purpose of the event, the timing and venue as well as any other information useful for participants. Invitees can be chosen from the list of employees by org unit or by employee group and once selected they will be notified both by email and through their employee self-service. Employees can then either accept or reject the invitation and confirm their attendance or not. The event organizers can then track how many employees have confirmed their attendance and make their plans accordingly. Attendees can also provide additional comments and feedback upon accepting the invitation to an event. The list of events will be available online for any employee to see who is eligible to attend a particular event. External sponsor information or information about the organization unit organizing it can also be included in the event invitation.

Meeting Management

Meeting Management can be used to schedule meetings, invite participants, distribute the agenda and track the meeting minutes of any meeting. All those invited will find the meeting details on their self service portal and can indicate their attendance online. The meeting venue can be chosen at the time of scheduling the meeting and the meeting can be linked to a specific Organization Unit, Client or Project already defined in the application. All information is available to all authorized users in their Self Service.

News Management

News Management allows departments and organization units to make news announcements and share it with the entire company. All news items will appear on the self service portal of employees and the publisher can edit or unpublish announcements if required. Employees can comment on news announcements and these comments can be approved by the department making the original announcement.


My CV allows employees to create their own resume and update it whenever required so it can be used by the company for bidding on projects and for any other relevant purpose. It is primarily useful for those companies who work with consultants on projects and contracts. The employee can publish the CV/Resume internally and HR can approve the format after which it will be available for a project manager who needs to submit an updated CV/Resume as part of a bidding process.

My Intro

My Intro allows employees to create a page about themselves to introduce themselves to their colleagues. It is especially useful for new employees to share something about themselves with their new colleagues and for existing employees to introduce themselves to the new hires. Each employee can create a personal page which includes a welcome statement, and free text sections on the employee’s prior job experience, current projects, career aspirations and a direct message to peers and colleagues. The application also allows the employee to choose what type of information can be shared with others including their name, marital status, job title, picture, email address, manager name, age, office phone, country of birth, cell phone and a URL to a personal blog.

My Contacts

My Contacts allows the employee to create a shortlist of key contacts in the company and have their own personal phone book which includes a picture of the colleague as well as details on their job title, location, phone and cell phone, email and possibly other details about the contact. It functions as a personal address book for the employee for quick reference, and all details are directly linked to the company wide employee directory to which the employee also has access to and through which he/she can search at any time.

Applicant Self Service

Applicant Self-Service allows the Applicant to first create an Applicant Profile and then Log In using the Applicant Self-Service credentials provided and update his/her Profile. Applicant can Apply for Jobs, review Job Descriptions, upload scanned documents, and view Interview Schedule. Applicant can communicate with the HR department using Email messaging and receive Job Offer letter and Employment Contract and after Acceptance, Applicant can receive Preboarding and/or Onboarding documents to be filled in online.

External Recruiter Self Service

Recruiter Self-Service allows external Recruiters to register and create a profile and contract between your Company and the Recruiting Agent. Your HR department can then assign approved Requisitions to specific Recruiters who will be able to upload CVs against these Requisitions. Once the Recruitment process is completed and certain Applicants have been hired, the Recruiting Agent can generate an Invoice, based on the previously agreed Contract Terms, for the successfully recruited Applicants.

Client Self Service

Client Self-Service allows External Clients to log in and approve Timesheets for which they will be billed by the Company, or review resumes of Employees being assigned to their Projects. Client Self-Service can also give Clients the ability to communicate with you, their Supplier, on other items like Order Change Requests etc. This module expands Interact HRMS beyond the standard HR functionality.