System Modules

Web Services

Web Services are used to integrate Interact HRMS to Third-Party HR-related applications, like Job Boards, Recruiting Systems, Benefit Carriers, or other external applications which deal with Payroll or HR. Interact HRMS Web Services are HR-XML compliant allowing for out-of-the-box integration with any other application which is HR-XML compliant.

Workflow Management

Basic Workflow is included in the standard functionality of many modules, but advanced Workflow can be defined using the Workflow module, for example, if you need additional approval levels or steps for a specific HR Action, then this can be defined using the Workflow module and you will be able to define not only which users will be involved in the HR Action but also what rules/criteria they should consider when approving/rejecting a specific HR Action.

Active Directory Management

If you want to integrate Interact HRMS with your Active Directory or other LDAP compliant Single-Sign-On solutions, this can be achieved using Active Directory LDAP Integration which ensures that new employees hired in Interact HRMS will automatically have a new user ID created in Active Directory or vice-versa

Email Management

Interact HRMS offers its own Email client for managing Emails with external users (Applicants, Clients, etc.) which you want to keep filed separately from all other Emails. All parties can communicate securely through the Email messaging system this way.

Chat Channel Management

Chat Channels can be a powerful way of communicating with Employees and used as Bulletin Boards for specific announcements. Any number of Channels can be created and these can be used not only for HR or Payroll purposes but also by other departments. All communication through Chat Channels can be archived for future reference. Chat Channels can be accessed through Employee Self Service at any time.

Helpdesk Management

Comprehensive Ticket-Based Helpdesk/Support Desk management system which can be used by HR and Payroll departments to assist Employees with questions regarding any HR/Payroll function. Employees can submit their Helpdesk Requests through Self Service, which will automatically generate a Support Ticket. Support Tickets can then be assigned to specific Employees who will be responsible for resolving the Ticket and once resolved the Ticket will be closed and KPIs will be updated to the Service Levels achieved by HR/Payroll departments. Helpdesk Support Tickets can be prioritized as per their importance and Employee can be automatically notified by email when an issue is resolved.

Mass Updates

For updates across the board which apply to groups of Employees, you can use this tool to do it in one single step instead of multiple manual updates. You select your target group based on any number of criteria, including Organization Unit, Employee Group, Age, Gender, Seniority, and more, and once the correct group of Employees has been selected you process the specific transaction or parameter change and all changes will be applied to all relevant Employees.

Ad Hoc Report Writing

Using JasperSoft iReport, or other report writers capable of connecting to a MySQL database, users can design their own reports as they please and produce any graphical output required. All database tables and fields in Interact HRMS have long descriptions which allow users to easily understand the meaning of each of them.

Acumatica ERP Integration

Interact HRMS offers seamless integration with Acumatica ERP.