Vertical Solutions

Grant Management

For research organizations which track salary/labor cost for specific grant-funded projects, the Grants Management module allows for defining unlimited number of Grants, Donors and Grant Agreements. Unlimited Grant Budget Categories and Budget Items can be defined and ultimately linked directly to the Payroll. This will allow employees to allocate time worked against specific Grants/Projects and the Budget will be adjusted automatically as Payroll is run and booked against the Budget. In addition, the system will alert the user if there are no more funds left for a Project and an Employee is trying to book cost against the Project.

Residency Management

Residency Programs in Continuing Medical Education programs are managed through Residency Management, which allows for the creation of Residency Plans, where Residents can define their Rotations and Training Segments Schedules.  Residents can be assigned Radiology Exam Orders and respond to Quizzes related to Radiology Cases.   End of Rotation Performance Evaluations and Scheduling of Rounds etc., can all be managed through Self Service for Residents and Consultants.  Residency Management also provides a powerful Recruitment management solution to manage the initial Recruitment of new Residents, and provides powerful functionality for Performance Management, Health & Safety Management, Competency Management, Training Management, Scheduling, and much more.