Business Process Analysis

Business Process Analysis

Understand where you are and where you can go

NextStep’s Business Process Gap Analysis service provides an in-depth assessment that to help your company gain new insight into your current processes, and identify gaps in those processes that may prevent your organization from reaching its full potential. This provides a framework for evaluating important aspects of your business.

This structured process is highly interactive, involving our team and personnel from all levels of your organization. Through interviews, documentation and review of your current processes, we help you define the opportunities for improvement, and assign a value and a priority to each one. We then develop recommendations for closing the gaps between the current situation and the desired one.

Simply put, our Business Process Analysis service tells you where your business processes are now, where they can be, and what it will take to get them there.



the current processes



alternative ways to improve them



the most appropriate solution

Monitor & Improve


Manage by exception

and improve continuously

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