Why Choose NextStep?

Why Choose NextStep?

NextStep Technology Advisors has been providing business management software and network solutions to our clients for over 30 years. The challenges clients face that lead them to us are unique, but the reasons clients cite for choosing and staying with NextStep are very similar. So why should you choose NextStep?

One-stop shopping

Have you ever found yourself caught in the crossfire between your network and ERP software support providers? Each one claims that the other is responsible when, for example, you can’t print checks or invoices. All you can do is watch the back and forth like a tennis match and anticipate bills from both parties – with no assurances that the problem will be resolved to your satisfaction.

Many of our clients need only one number to call – NextStep’s. Then it’s our job to diagnose and fix the problem, whether the issue is related to the network or an application. Our expertise in both areas – and our familiarity with our clients’ personnel, hardware, and software – keep costs low and downtime to a minimum.

Not “on sale today”

Our relationships with clients (and prospective clients) are not driven by sales goals, as is often the case with other firms in our industry. We don’t employ salespeople and none of our team members receive sales commissions. Most of our new business comes through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients.

IT is a means to an end, not the end itself

We view IT as a toolset that, when properly implemented and supported, can have a significant, positive impact on the well being of a company and its people. The bottom line is that NextStep has great strength on the technical side but never loses the business perspective that drives the process. We evaluate your company’s IT needs through a business lens, and our recommendations are driven as much by business considerations as technical ones.

Been there, done that

Nothing qualifies a consultant to understand and address client challenges better than relevant, real-life experience. The collective experience of our consultants includes running manufacturing and distribution operations, managing an internal IT department, working with outside consultants on large system implementations, training in-house users on new systems, owning and running a small business, and much more. We have individually faced many of the same challenges that our clients confront every day, and that really helps us help you.

Much more than a crutch

When it comes to technical support, we don’t measure our success solely by how quickly we answer your questions. We view support calls as an opportunity to teach and help our clients improve how they are using their system. We want to help you and your employees become as self-sufficient as you’d like to be.

We use sophisticated remote support tools so that we can answer questions and solve problems as quickly as possible, but we don’t hesitate to come to your facility whenever needed – that’s one of the advantages of being located close to our clients. When you call us for support, you talk to someone who knows you, your system, and your business – not to a faceless technician on the other side of the country.

Business (and pleasure)

Our close proximity to our clients allows us to develop and maintain strong personal relationships. This results in client relationships that are not only productive but also enjoyable.

A healthy sense of humor is always one of the requirements when we hire. We believe that humor is an important ingredient in every successful relationship and work environment, and it is certainly part of our lives at the office and in our client interactions.

Take the Next Step – Call (717) 519-1200 or 

Take the Next Step
Call (717) 519-1200 or

“The customized accounting package that we had implemented
by another IT provider might have looked good on the surface,
but in reality it just didn’t provide the accountability
we needed. With NextStep, we got what we truly needed,
and I know our data is accurate.”

Controller, ag business